John DeLorean's Daughter Isn't Happy About The New Alpha5

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She doesn't want you to call it a DeLorean.

A few days ago, we covered the new DeLorean Alpha5. The new car, penned by ItalDesign, features many cues from the iconic 80s sports car best known for its appearance in Back To The Future. The new model is set to be a sort of luxury GT from the looks of things and features the iconic gullwing doors of the original DMC-12. Incidentally, the doors are large enough to cover both the front and rear passenger cells, much like the Koenigsegg Gemera. Predictably, it'll also be an EV.

However, not soon after the car started popping up online, John DeLorean's daughter, Kat DeLorean Seymour, made a post on Instagram with some harsh words for the DeLorean Motor Company, creators of the new Alpha 5.
DeLorean Legacy
DeLorean Legacy
DeLorean Legacy

"@deloreanmotorcompany Is not John DeLorean's Company. DMC is not 40 years old, and not associated with the DeLorean Family, or my father's ongoing legacy. Please stop lying and stop speaking about John now, he despised you," DeLorean Seymour said in her post.

Her Instagram bio lists an entirely different website, with an entirely different name and online domain than the DeLorean Motor Company. On it, you'll find renders of another futuristic-looking DeLorean, one that looks much more like the famed DMC-12. Like the original car, it features the DMC-12's trademark gullwing doors, turbofan wheels, and a two-seat layout. There's also a "Flux Capacitor" sitting at the rear of the cabin, just like the Back To The Future time machine.

The site's home page says it was "created to honor the late, great John Z. Delorean and all of his accomplishments." Apparently, the concept car on the DeLorean Legacy site began as a tribute by designers Angel Guerra and Allan Portilho to honor the DMC-12. The home page goes on to say that the design caught DeLorean Seymour's eye, who then asked the artists to "partner with her on her efforts to spread the powerful positive impact her father and his cars have had on this world."

What's going to come of this remains to be seen. It's very clear that Kat DeLorean does not in any way agree with the new vehicle. We've reached out to DeLorean Seymour for comment and will update the article with any new information given.

DeLorean Legacy
DeLorean Legacy

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