John Hennessey Has A Dirty Little Secret About The Venom F5's Tires


Bugatti may not be too happy to hear about this.

If it wasn't for the Venom's ability to live up to its absurd hype, we probably wouldn't take Hennessey's claims about the F5 Venom seriously. But the Venom GT did actually manage to beat the Bugatti Veyron in a top speed run, so when John Hennessey sits down to tell us that the Venom F5 has the potential to be the first road car to top 300 mph, you can consider us interested. To be specific, Hennessey didn't exactly say that the F5 Venom would do that.

He did, however, tell Drivetribe that he expects the car's range of capabilities to extend pretty far into what's currently capable. "Look, if you ask a submarine commander 'how deep will your submarine go?' he'll say, 'I don't know, I haven't gone that deep.'" Does that mean Hennessey is alluding to a top speed record attempt?

Hennessey Performance

Nobody can say for sure, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty high. Before that can even happen, Hennessey needs to get ahold of a set of tires that can stand up for the ridiculous forces the Venom F5 generates. That would be over 1,600 horsepower and more than 1,300 lb-ft of torque according to Hennessey. He lets us in on a little secret that Bugatti may not be too happy to hear about. That would be the fact that Michelin wants to sell Hennessey the same tires it developed for the Bugatti Chiron. That might make an executive or two at Volkswagen AG unhappy, but if Bugatti says no, Hennessey at least has a few other tire manufacturers in his back pocket.

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