Jon Olsson And His 1,000-HP Audi RS6 Set A Record For Most Uber Ride Requests

Wait, do people keep records for this sort of thing?

Jon Olsson recently spent a day in Stockholm working as an Uber driver. Of course, this is Olsson we’re talking about, so he didn’t drive any old car. He busted out his Gumball 3000-spec Audi RS6 Avant, which instantly brought all of the Swedish boys and girls to the yard. Prospective passengers needed only to enter a promotional code to unlock the car for booking, which 5,700 of them did. However, only 11 lucky folks ended up actually getting to ride in Olsson’s sweet snow wagon.

You can see those lucky few in this video. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Olsson hoon with any of his riders, although that’s probably for the best.

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