Jon Olsson Has Built Something Insane For This Year's Gumball 3000

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1,000 horsepower with Pagani carbon-fiber body work.

If a DTM fan had a wet dream it would basically involve doing horrible things to Jon Olsson's latest insane all-weather creation. Combining the widebody styling of a DTM car, but with enough space to carry the Swede's ski gear, the result is this epic Audi RS6 that was built with help with Caresto's Leif Tufvesson, the former chief engineer at Koenigsegg. After months of hard work, and using 100 meters of special 4x4 carbon fiber sourced from the same factory that supplies Pagani, once the styling was done it was off to Stertman Motorsport.

These guys then added its Stage 3+ kit, which includes mods such as 18-karat gold anodized turbochargers from The Turbo Engineers. The result was output of 950 hp on normal gas and over 1,000 hp on race fuel. Other mods include a custom Black Titan suspension from Intrax, a Movit big brake kit, and a race exhaust system from Milltek Sport. And no Olsson-mobile would be complete without some sort of bespoke roof-mounted box, and 56Nord came up with this stunning carbon-fiber ski box that has more than enough space despite its slim line design. Olsen says to check back for some crazy videos in the coming weeks. You have our word that we will.

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