Jon Olsson Is Stripping A Lamborghini Huracan For His Latest Project

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We can't wait to see how this turns out.

Swedish skiing legend and Gumball 3000 alum John Olsson is known for having a collection of spectacular supercars. Unlike the majority of other collectors, Olsson prefers to modify his cars to an insane level. The latest supercar to grab Olsson's attention is the baby Lamborghini, the Huracan. As with his other supercars, Olsson has no plans to keep the Huracan in its stock form and has already started the process of modifying it. From the looks of it, Olsson's latest project is an extensive one.

Unlike the process for Olsson's Audi RS6, which was mainly shaped by hand, the process behind modifying the Huracan involves creating all new panels. To do this, Olsson has teamed up with Swedish 3D visualization company MLT to scan the Huracan's body so the 3D building project can start. The process may be an extensive one, but Olsson is excited about the Huracan's potential. "Personally I think this will be the best build to date," wrote Olsson on his website. "I think we will be able to go completely crazy but still keep the amazing drivability of the standard car, that's my goal with this one I really want to be able to drive a mad machine every single day!" Oh yeah, we're super excited to see what how Olsson's Huracan turns out.

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