Jon Olsson's PPI Design Audi R8 Razor GTR is a Carbon Masterpiece

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It may be lightning fast with awesome power, but the PPI Razor R8 is all about the blacked-out carbon body.

As his latest ride proves, Swedish skier Jon Olsson has a penchant for fast, good-looking cars. We last saw him preparing for the Gumball 3000 in a Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR, and now he has revealed his full carbon PPI Design Audi R8 Razor GTR. Complete with his signature roof box, the stunning Audi R8 V10 has been given a complete carbon-fiber widebody kit with a 600 gram carbon mesh and ADV.1 wheels.

Under the hood the PPI Razor has a normally aspirated V10, which with Stasis power upgrades produces around 710hp and north of 417lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber, the stock car's 1,625kg curb weight has been reduced by 250kg. The result is a 0-62mph sprint time of 3.2 seconds, helped in part by a modified R-tronic gearbox, and a 208mph top speed. Those figures are impressive but this car is all about the drop-dead-gorgeous murdered-out body work. Yet again the man Jon Olsson has gotten himself one stylish set of wheels.

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