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Journey to the Land of Lancia

There was a time when Lancias were more than just rebadged Chryslers.

Today Lancia might be but a shadow of what it once was, but back in the day it was one of the most revered marques in the business. It had a hard-earned competition pedigree from rallying, produced beautiful designs and had more character than most comedians. Unfortunately these days Fiat has turned it into little more than a European version of Chrysler, but that only reinforces how important it is for automotive enthusiasts to remember what Lancia was once, as this video aptly illustrates.

Perhaps because its name has been dragged through the mud, classic Lancias can be more affordable than other vintage Italian cars. But there's a reason that the boys on Top Gear named Lancia the greatest car company ever. Take a journey in the video below.

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