Classic Cars

Journey to the Targa California

How does one measure success for the Targa California? Simple, it's judged by how many smiles are seen.

Despite all the wonderful new sports cars on the market clamouring for our affections, the love affair with vintage cars, such as old Alfa Romeos, Porsches and Jaguars, remains as strong as ever. There’s just something about them that screams mechanical purity and simplicity. Special events for such classics are held far and wide, one of which is the Targa California where participants come to experience not only their wonderful cars in a three-day rally but also the scenic beauty of Central California.

There are certain restrictions as to which kind of car or truck can enter the event but by watching the following video, it becomes crystal clear that whoever shows up is in for one hell of a good time. They simply come to enjoy the road together.

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