Joyriding BMW M3 Pulled Over After Publicly Hooning And Hitting 187 MPH

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We don't condone doing this, but now that it's on the Internet might as well watch it.

In a way, it's possible to see the BMW M3 or M4 as a Mustang for those with a bit of sophistication. Power output is around the same, as is its ability to smoke a set of unlucky rear tires for pleasure, but the M cars can corner better and have the comfort and convenience features to satisfy the classy but unruly. Even the people who drive these cars are similar. Those that choose the Mustang get reprimanded heavily for crashing often and in very public ways, but BMW drivers are just as bad.

The data proves that BMWs are actually the most likely to be wrecked, and this video might give a bit of evidence as to why that is. Shot by YouTuber Dark Side, it depicts an E92 BMW M3 sacrificing its rear tires in the name of public hoonage.

We never condone dangerous and illegal driving in places where innocent bystanders can get hurt, but at the very least we get this interesting video out of it. With decent cinematography and hardcore music choices, this film ends up being a promotional video of sorts for the old M3 coupe and modern M4. After using a few roundabouts the way we're sure all drifters fantasize using them, the driver proceeds to gun it on a straight all the way up to 300 kph (187 mph). It all ends when we see those flashing blue and red lights illuminating the cabin.

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