Joyriding In A Stolen Humvee Is A Bad Idea That Never Ends Well

Grand Theft Auto style.

A 47-year-old military veteran from South Carolina thought that it would be fun to steal a six-ton US Army Humvee from a Fourth of July display at Fort Gordon and go for a cruise. However, it would seem as if he was the only one who thought that his joyriding aspirations were a good idea. The Aiken County police did not agree. The man ended up leading the cops on a wild car chase for 15 miles on the interstate. He even drove on the wrong side of the highway, tried to hit police cars, and veered off road in his attempts to elude the authorities.

Unfortunately for the driver, his Grand Theft Auto style techniques weren’t enough to escape the multiple police vehicles following closely behind. He is now being charged with attempted murder.

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