Joyriding Mechanic Isn't So Happy Now After He Did This To A GT-R

Do you trust your mechanic?

This isn’t something you expect to happen when dropping your Nissan GT-R (or any car) off for a service. A businessman from Trinidad and Tobago, who bought a GT-R for his son five years ago, claims that before going on a family vacation he brought the car in for service. Immediately upon returning at the airport, father and son learned through social media that the mechanic took the GT-R out for a joyride and wrecked it. Like complete FUBAR. Locals claimed to have seen the car speeding before the driver lost control (ironically next to a funeral home).

The GT-R then went up into the air, overturned and landed in a ditch. Fortunately the driver and passenger were only lightly injured, but the car, bought for around $158,000 USD in 2010, was totaled. The mechanic has turned himself over to the police and has promised to pay back the owners, but it’ll take years (if ever).

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