Judge Says Speed-Trap Warning Beams are Cool

Flashing is free speech, says court.

Many a driver has had an anonymous stranger to thank forgetting them out of a speed-trap conundrum. These Good Samaritans will spot oneof those cops hiding in the bushes on the other side of the road, then spendthe next couple of miles flashing their headlights at oncoming drivers - warningthem to slow down to avoid a ticket. Michael Elli of Ellisville Missouriwas doing just that in November 2012, when a cop pulled him over and cited him.

Taking his case to court and learning that a fine for theoffense could reach up to $1,000, retiree Elli managed to convince the St.Louis judge that he was simply expressing his freedom of speech - alertingdrivers of police presence. As more states put out increasingly complexregulations regarding the use of high-beam headlights, at least in Missouridrivers will enjoy the freedom of to help their fellow drivers. And when acourt ruling supports any form of flashing, we’re all for it.

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