Judges Declare That These Furious Mitsubishi Evos Are The Best, Ever


They've won awards, so there's no arguing.

Apparently July11 is the annual Mitsubishi Owners’ Day (MOD) at the automaker’s US headquarters in Cypress, California. We’ll give you a second to guess what goes down atMOD. Yup, you guessed it. Thousands of Mitsubishi owners, especially owners of heavilymodified Evolutions, show up to exhibit their tricked out rides and party. Besides partyingall night and showing off their cars, an esteemed panel of judges and the crowdin attendance are in charge of picking out the world’s best Evos.

According to Mitsubishi’sVP of producing planning, Bryan Arnett, Mitsubishis in attendance were judgedon "the aesthetics and the paint on the exteriors, the upholstery and gauges onthe interiors, but mostly the engine bay." The winners wereRowie Landicho’s Evo X (seen in red), which was the judges’ choice, and Lev Castillo’s 2008Evo X (in dark grey) that won the Peoples’ Choice award. The white Evo pictured below received an honorable mention. Interestingly enough, both Landichoand Castillo belong to Team Emperor Motorsports, which is a club with members fromCalifornia and the Philippines.

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With Mitsubishi decidingto focus on plug-in hybrid vehicles, the tenth annual MOD was an excellent wayto say goodbye to one of the greatest performance cars ever produced. What doyou think? Are these Evos worthy of the "Best Evos Ever" title?