Juggling A Soccer Ball On The Back Of A Bugatti Veyron Is The Ultimate Power Move

Soccer skills and supercars go together quite well.

A short time ago we showed you a Bugatti Veyron that had been turned into a mobile billboard for #2FastTouzani. The hashtag advertises a tour of Europe that Dutch street soccer player Soufiane Touzani is making in a Bugatti Veyron owned by one of the members of Dutchbugs, a group of Veyron owners from the Netherlands. As this is a tour featuring a street soccer player, you expect some pretty cool skills to be flashed. Touzani doesn’t disappoint, but this video of him showing his stuff may piss off some supercar fans.

Now Touzani is a pro, so it’s not like he’s thrashing thisVeyron and jumping up and down on it for fun. This is also not nearly as bad as thetime a pair stood casually on the roof of a Ferrari 458 Italia like it was apatio deck.

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