Juggy Jessica Rides Supra Like a Pro

Voluptuous blonde bikini model demonstrates her drag-racing skills in a thousand-horsepower Toyota Supra.

Swimsuit model and former playmate Jessica Barton knows a thing or two aboutcars. She was once the proud owner of a 1,200-horsepower modified 1994 Toyota Suprabefore it was stolen and stripped to its bare bones. The drag-racing beauty isalso no stranger to handling a stick while wearing nothing more than a string bikini. So when That Racing Channel offered her the chance to take control of aReal Street Performance 1,050hp Supra, she didn’t hesitate.

The bountiful blonde looks to be in her element when behind the wheel, and finds the thrill of riding in the passenger seat nothing short of orgasmic. Check out the video and you may experience similar feelings.

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