Jumping Out Of A Plane Is How Land Rover Proves Its Seats Are Intelligent

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Overkill isn't a thing when it comes to car commercials.

You've gotta love car commercials because they are always trying to sensationalize the smallest of features and make them seem like monumental moments. Chevy has done it before by putting a bear inside of an aluminum cage to show Ford F-150 buyers the downsides to switching away from a steel body. And now Land Rover is sending Bear Grylls parachuting off of a plane to showcase its intelligent seat fold technology. In reality, the seats on the new Land Rover Discovery aren't exactly intelligent.

Instead, they've gained the ability to respond to driver whims a bit better by folding up or down at the touch of a smartphone.

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That's because the Discovery is hooked up to the InControl app that allows Land Rover owners to track a stolen vehicle (or one that's been parked in a confusing location), control the infotainment system, track mileage, and of course, raise and lower the five rear seats. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the front seats. To entice buyers, Land Rover likes to mention that these functions can be performed anywhere in the world, although aside from Gyrlls' dramatic parachuting stunt, we can't think of too many reasons to lower the seats when on vacation.In either case, you can bear witness to one of the few instances where the feature is incredibly useful below.

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