"Jurassic World" Beats "Furious 7" For Opening Day Record, But The Car Crashes Aren't Nearly As Cool

The cars don't get smashed, they get eaten.

Despite some critics claiming the plot to be somewhat weak, "Jurassic World" has had a killer opening weekend. Thursday night alone brought in $18.5 million, beating "Furious 7" with its $15.8 million. If this ticket sales momentum continues, then Jurassic World is looking to set a new June record of $115-135 million at the box office. In other words, it appears we’ve got yet another billion dollar blockbuster in the making.

Despite the dinosaurs and that insane Indominus Rex, there were also the familiar scenes of dinosaurs destroying a few cars here and there. Mercedes-Benz scored the contract to feature its vehicles in the film, with the new GLE Crossover Coupe and G63 AMG 6x6 taking center stage. But still, we happen to prefer the crashes from Furious 7 over dinosaurs destroying metal.

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