Just $14 Could Get You This Monstrous 1,500-hp Nissan Qashqai

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Bargain. Of. The. Century.

Usually, when companies decide to sell off their modified cars, they often charge an awful lot of money for them. Even putting them into limited production won't necessarily reduce the price to affordable levels - the six Juke-Rs that the British motorsport outfit RML built were all sold for nearly $600,000 when new. As a result, the fact Severn Valley Motorsport has announced you can acquire its bonkers Qashqai project for less than $14 is almost as incredible as the specifications associated with the modified vehicle.

As a result of this '$13.43 for one entry; 33.43 for three' prize draw, one lucky participant will be able to own arguably the most insane performance SUV that's ever been created. It may have started out life as a humble Nissan Qashqai, but this monster of a machine has been modified and strengthened to an inch of its life, culminating in its original 1.6-liter four-cylinder heart being replaced with a Nissan GT-R V6 that (courtesy of new bits, like Garrett turbochargers and fuel pumps from a Bugatti Veyron) now generates an incredible 1,500 hp. Better still, the vehicle is still fully road legal - meaning you can theoretically commute to and from work in a Qashqai that can complete the quarter mile sprint in just over nine seconds.

The fact you could acquire such a beast of a machine (which reportedly cost SVM more than £200,000 to develop) for less than what you'd spend on the latest Blu-Ray film release makes it an even more incredible proposition.

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Hopefully whoever does end up owning this marvelous modified Nissan Qashqai uses it for what it was designed for: driving to and from the drag strip, and blowing everyone out the water in quarter-mile sprints.

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