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Canadian designer Amadou Ndiaye gives his perspective to what a potential BMW i1 concept car would look like.

BMW recently launched their new i division with the additions of the i3 and i8 concept cars. However, those two models were not enough for Canadian designer Amadou Ndiaye, who believed that BMW should have another model in the i range and came up with the entry-level BMW i1. The BMW i1 is a three-wheeler that is designed to offer the same adrenaline rush and excitement of a motorcycle, only with the front wheels mounted on a hydraulic mechanism.

The mechanism allows them to lean into corners for added grip with an onboard computer that adjusts the tilt of the wheels depending on the car's cornering speed. The BMW i1 is electric-powered as are all i-class vehicles. Power for the i1 theoretically comes from three electric motors, one for each wheel. Like the real-life larger models, the i1 would rely heavily on carbon fiber in order to keep weight to a minimum. The idea for the BMW i1 was to try and incorporate Amadou's love and expertise in both motorcycle and car form into one "hybrid" vehicle.

Not only would the i1 feature BMW's latest drivetrain technology but also would be a environmentally friendly as well. Amadou wanted to create a unique design that would also incorporate BMW's world-renown handling abilities with a touch of fun. For now, it remains a drawing board visual study by one talented designer.

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