Just How Different Are The Bugatti Chiron And Veyron?

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Let's let Inside Lane explain.

The Bugatti Chiron is now the toast of the automotive world. But not so long ago it was the Veyron that was being celebrated for pushing the limits of performance, pricing and sanity. Despite coming from the same automaker and sharing many similarities the Chiron and Veyron are two very different machines. How different? Automotive YouTube channel Inside Lane has the answers to all your comparison questions in this video. In it they touch on the differences in speed, price and much more.

It's not a thorough breakdown of what separates these two behemoths but it does give a quick glance into the greatness that was the Veyron and is now the Chiron. To us the greatest fun fact here is how Bugatti actually plans to turn a profit this time around.

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