Just How Good is the New VW Golf GTI?

Is it still the benchmark hot hatch in an increasingly competitive segment?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI literally created the hot hatchback segment when it was unveiled in 1975 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. VW’s formula was very simple: take a well-built, front-wheel-drive hatchback economy car and add some high-performance. There’ve been many copies from competing automakers over the years, but the Golf GTI has always managed to lead the pack. It is the quintessential all-rounder in terms of performance, cargo space, and daily driving ease and fun.

And with the arrival of the seventh-generation GTI, not much has changed, except for one key element: the car has greatly matured. This latest GTI looks and feels more premium than its predecessors. It also drives better than ever. So how good is the new GTI? Evo gets behind the wheel to find out.

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