Just How Many Model X's Were Delivered To Norway Last Month!?


The expensive SUV has become the 2nd best selling car in the Scandinavian country.

As one of those European meccas we constantly hear references to when politicians talk about free college and healthcare, Norway is at the forefront of the battle on climate change. Thanks to government tax incentives and an eco-conscious population that’s more than happy to take advantage of them, small cars and electric cars are the sales kings of the small Scandinavian country. According to Electrek, this has meant a sales surge for Tesla.

Incentives like these have allowed the relatively new automaker to gain more of a foothold in Europe. At one point, before the UK took over as Europe’s biggest importer of Teslas, Norway held that title despite having a population of only 5 million to the UK’s 64 million. It is Tesla’s popularity in Norway that had a hand in the company's recent sales surge in the third quarter. Not only were records broken, but deliveries of the Model X went through the roof, so much so in Norway that it became the second best-selling car in the country right behind the Volkswagen Golf. In the last quarter, 800 Model X SUVs were delivered (600 in the last month alone) to Norway.

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This comes in spite of the fact that some owners have sued the American automaker over claims that it falsely advertises the capabilities of the Model S. Unfortunately, the lawsuits are only the beginning of the bad news for the Model S in Norway. Deliveries are down 50% and have been on the decline for a while, although this is more likely due to the fact that buyers who were planning to snap up the electric sedans have already done so. Still, when compared to the EV competition, the results are promising. Deliveries of the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf stand at 581 and 199 respectively for the last quarter, proving that Tesla still has what it takes to put the hurt on established automakers. Things should get interesting when the Model 3 finally goes on sale.