Just How Much Are They Asking For This Piece Of Lamborghini History?

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Another reason why collecting cars is like collecting Picassos.

1981 was a hell of a year. Ronald Regan had just become president, the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was holding the world hostage, and Mike Tyson had just won his first olympic gold medal. Luckily for the newly famous Tyson, Lamborghini was in the middle of producing its wedge-shaped Countach. For $102,500 (much cheaper than a face tattoo), you could own a Countach 400s, the first in the series to get the modern-looking wheel arches, larger tires, larger cabin, and increased ride height.

Since Italy championed looks over speed, a spoiler the size of a Lamborghini owner's ego was available, but it only added weight and drag since no sane person would attempt to corner a Lambo going fast enough to induce downforce. This particular example is painted in Lambo Pearl Yellow and has a 3.9-liter V12 making 370 horsepower. With 38,221 miles on the clock, the car must be in good condition because it is expected to fetch between $288,800-$361,000 at the upcoming Silverstone auction in the UK. Peel out your checkbooks if you're an 80's child who wants to make childhood dreams come true…or if you want to reenact Jordan Belfort's Quaalude scene from Wolf of Wall Street.

Source Credits: www.silverstoneauctions.com

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