Just How Much More Impressive Is The New Raptor Than The Old One?

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Well for one it's 0-60 time will surprise Ford Focus ST drivers.

It's not everyday that we anticipate a pickup truck as much as a high performance sports car or a hood-bulging muscle car, but the Ford Raptor is a truck we can make an exception for. The monstrous machine is Ford's hottest truck from the factory and comes ready to climb rocks, take curves on a canyon road, or even rip up some sand dunes in Baja. The fact that Ford even added a drive mode called 'Baja' should speak volumes about the endless parameters the engineers designed the truck to operate in.

But it's one thing to read that on your screen and another to actually see the thing in action. That's why The Fast Lane Truck has flown out to San Diego, a land that's prime for the Raptor, to see just what it can do.

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Ford may have downsized the engine a bit, removing its brawny V8 and replacing it with a 3.5-liter V6, but the six-pot is anything but lackluster. Fed by two turbochargers, the Raptor makes 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque thanks to the spools. To really drive home the point that this is a performance oriented truck (and to help get the EPA off its back), Ford even threw in its 10-speed automatic transmission that can be controlled from inside the cabin using paddle shifters. One important thing that host Roman Mica points out is that the interior of the truck is more upscale than the outgoing model.

This is probably because Ford realized how significant the Raptor has become and wants to make it more than a souped-up F-150. Either that or the Blue Oval is serious about using the Raptor to finally introduce trucks into the Chinese market. Whatever the reason, we wouldn't mind adding it to our dream garages.

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