Just How Powerful Will The V12 In The Aston Martin DB11 S Be?

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A performance-focused DB11 S is on the way and we have the first photos.

The Aston Martin DB11 is one hell of a car. The DB11 S, seen here, will be one hell of a car and then some. Now it's not official that the camouflaged DB11 our spies caught winter testing is an "S" model. But we feel pretty safe in saying that this is a souped-up version of the English automaker's flagship. Just check out all the new performance-focused add-ons. Up front there's a wider grille and below that a large front spoiler can be seen. Moving around the side there are wider side skirts and when viewed from behind a beefy diffuser is clearly visible.

Then there is the cabin. Two Recaro seats sit up front with what looks to be a roll cage placed in the back. According to our spies the DB11 S sounded great, which makes us wonder what engine tweaks Aston Martin has planned. The 5.2-liter V12 in the "base" model is already stupidly powerful with 600 horses and 516 lb-ft of torque on tap. Top speed is 200 mph, but with performance modifications and less weight that should rise. The good news is that the DB11 S is doing on-road testing and should be revealed sooner than later. The bad news is that "sooner" is still more than likely a bit of a way's away. The DB11 suffered a delivery delay, and before the S model drops the automaker needs to get out the convertible Volante version.

With the DB11 Volante set for a spring 2018 release that leads us to think that the DB11 S may not hit dealer lots until summer of the same year. That would put it in line for a debut in late 2017. Judging by the amount of camo used on this test car Aston Martin's engineers and designers are still finalizing things. The waiting truly is the hardest part.

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