Just How Safe Would You Feel Piloting A Jet-Powered Go-Kart?

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English inventor builds the ultimate toy for grown boys.

Colin Furze is an English YouTuber who has built some crazy stuff, but this jet-powered go-kart just might take the cake. Jet-powered go-karts aren't a new thing but how often do they look as ridiculous and dangerous as this? According to Furze this kart isn't dangerous, so there's that. It also "starts right up" and can be powered by either diesel or gas. The top speed of the jet-powered go-kart is 60 mph, although that could be higher as Furze said he ran out of runway during his test.

No, 60 mph isn't too fast but the fun comes from piloting a go-kart that roars and spits flames. You can live vicariously through Furze by watching this video.

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