Just Like Jimmy Johns, The McLaren 720S Is Freaky Fast

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As in it'll show a Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Chiron the true meaning of head to head competition fast.

Faith is a powerful force of nature that projects itself onto the human psyche and enables a man to do many things, some good and some bad. Faith is responsible for many things-the construction of the pyramids, the discovery of the Americas, selfless charity-even ruthless genocide. Faith, however, has its limitations. It cannot, no matter how strong the belief, lay waste to the finest supercars this world has to offer-cars like the Bugatti Chiron or Ferrari F12 tdf.

For that, you need a McLaren 720S. All that noise from Mercedes claiming that McLarens have too much lag because they lack the Hot V turbocharger setup is nothing but hot air and to prove it, McLaren of San Francisco pitted the new MaCa against its old self, the 675 LT, and two competitors, the aforementioned supercar royalty from Ferrari and Bugatti.

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Thunderhill Raceway was the location chosen to unleash these nuclear portions of horsepower, so it's a good thing the Willow, California race track is known as America's longest road course because carbon ceramics or not, no brakes want to deal with emergency stops when such high rates of speed are involved. One by one, the supercars faced off, accelerating from 45 mph all the way to 150 mpg and one by one, the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren 675 LT, Ferrari F12 tdf, and Bugatti Chiron learned that the McLaren 720S is nothing to shrug off.

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