Just What Are Audi And Amazon Planning To Do To Your Car?

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Here's a hint: It'll make life slightly easier.

Amazon, DHL and Audi have teamed up to offer the world's first delivery service to trunks. Amazon Prime customers will now be able to have select purchases delivered right to the trunk of their car. The service is being demoed in Munich, Germany, and not all models are eligible. Should your car be one of the lucky few, you'll first have to consent fully to letting a DHL driver access your trunk. Said driver will then be given a one-time only code that will pop the trunk's lid.

The code becomes invalid once it's closed, so don't worry about drivers visiting your car again after quittin' time. This is actually the first phase of the program. The second, if all goes well in round one, involves letting Audi owners send mail and packages from their trunks. The program will begin in May, which is the same month Munich police should expect a rise in people reporting car break-ins.

Source Credits: www.automobilemag.com

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