Justin Bell Hits Up Galpin to Pimp His Mustang

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Former British racecar driver takes Mustang GT to GAS to see how proper customization is done.

He may have mastered motorsports, but when it comes to customization Justin Bell is a complete novice. Fast-tracking his way to professor of personalization, the British racecar driver took a 2014 Ford Mustang – one of the most widely customized cars in the country – to Galpin Auto Sport, who need no introduction as the guys who brought "Pimp My Ride" to the masses. Using a manual box Mustang GT, Bell tasked GAS with giving his ride a unique flavor.

The Grabber Blue Stang was duly reworked with racing stripes, a lowered suspension, body kit and brutal exhaust. Motor Trend captures the action, revealing a behind the scenes look at pimpsmithing at its finest.

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