Justin Bieber Hands West Coast Customs His Cadillac

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Justin Bieber puts his Cadillac CTS coupe in the hands of West Coast Customs.

Now, before you start with the Bieber debates and how you all wish he was never conceived or how talentless he is, the teeny-bopper pop star has put his Cadillac CTS coupe in the trusting care of West Coast Customs. The Cadillac in question will receive an all-black custom paint job. Photos of the "Bieber Caddy" have surfaced onto the pop star's Facebook page. The Caddy started off with red paint before WCC added their finishing all-black paint and crystal-blue LED headlights.

You don't need to be a Belieber to appreciate a Caddy. But still, we can only wonder if he listens to himself on the radio while he's driving. We've also included the rendering by West Coast Customs showing what the finished car should look like.

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