Justin Lin Returns To Direct Fast & Furious 9 And 10

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Vin Diesel revealed the news on Facebook so it must be true.

Much to the dismay of Tyrese Gibson, Fast & Furious 9 has been delayed by a year until 2020. How will hardcore Fast & Furious fans possibly cope? Well, there is the upcoming spin-off starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jason Statham to look forward to in 2019. Fast & Furious 9 currently doesn't have a director, but that could soon change as Vin Diesel has strongly hinted that Justin Lin, who helmed four previous Fast & Furious films, will return to the director's chair for Fast & Furious 9 and 10.

Actress Jordana Brewster who plays Mia, the sister of Dominic Toretto and wife of Brian O'Conner played by the late Paul Walker, is also returning according to Diesel after not appearing in Fate of the Furious. Speaking in a live video stream on Facebook, Diesel announced the news at the set of a "top secret project" that he revealed Justin Lin will be directing. No official announcement has been made yet, but Lin is apparently in "advanced talks" with Universal to direct the next two Fast & Furious movies according to EW. You wanted 9 and 10 to be incredible," Diesel said in the video. "We've heard your concerns about the saga and where it needs to arrive in its final chapters."

This is very good news for Fast & Furious fans. Why? Because this is the man who effectively saved the franchise and made it the global box office sensation it is today. Back in 2003, the franchise's popularity was declining after 2Fast 2Furious failed to live up to the original. Lin then directed Tokyo Drift, the third film in the franchise. While some regard it as the worst Fast & Furious film, it has the most racing scenes of any film in the franchise. Lin returned to direct Fast & Furious in 2009 which gave the series a new lease of life with the return of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Fast Five then reunited old cast members like Tyrese Gibson and introduced The Rock's character Luke Hobbs.

From this point Fast & Furious was transformed into an action heist movie franchise, which has resulted in it becoming one of the biggest box office successes of all time. Fast & Furious 6 was the last film directed by Lin. Hopefully he will be able to finish the Fast & Furious saga on a high note.

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