K-9 Cops Love This SUV For One Very Important Reason You'd Never Expect

And it has absolutely nothing to do with guns.

Ford is quick to brag that its Interceptor SUV is very popular among America’s police departments. But that’s the preferred SUV for human cops. K-9 officers, however, prefer another SUV. OK, so maybe dogs don’t have a clue about the vehicles they ride around in, but their handlers certainly do, and the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV is their choice. The reason why? Plenty of air vents. Let us explain. According to Michael Werges, sergeant-at-arms of the North American Police Dog Association, "Heat exhaustion is one of the top killers of police dogs."

Dogs don’t have sweat glands in their skin to help them cool off like humans. Their paws are their only biological way to get cool, and Chevy was fully aware of this. Tahoe PPV designers added extra air vents in the third row specifically to allow more cool air to circulate in the area where the dog goes. Added Werges: "It’s imperative to police agencies that K-9 vehicles are equipped with an air conditioning system that can keep the dog’s entire body cool, from head to toe." Another dog-friendly bonus the Tahoe PPV offers is the largest third-row in any patrol car currently on the market.

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