K&N's Latest High-Performance Air Filter Isn't For Your Car

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It's for your face.

Over the last five decades, K&N has built a reputation in the automotive aftermarket as one of the foremost experts in high-performance air filters and intake systems.

Actually, that's selling it a bit short. K&N is everywhere, with an expansive portfolio of more than 12,000 products for all different makes and models, and countless sponsorship deals in the world of motorsport.

Now, K&N has applied its decades of expertise in designing high-performance air filters toward solving a different issue: protecting people against the global coronavirus pandemic. That's right; K&N's newest air filter is for your face, not your car. We don't expect any torque or horsepower gains.


As we've come to expect from K&N, the design and engineering of the company's new, breathable facemask is top-notch, with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you from getting sweaty under the mask, and embedded silver ions to act as an antiviral and odor-defeating measure. It's also got adjustable ear straps for a custom fit and a neck hanger to make it easy to transition from mask-on to mask-off, and vice versa.

K&N's transition to making face masks for the Covid pandemic mirrors some of the efforts we saw from OEMs like Ford and General Motors earlier this year. The automakers mobilized assembly workers to produce facemasks, face shields, respirators, and ventilators for front-line workers and healthcare facilities to help with the US response.


In fact, face masks are arguably more inline with K&N's strengths, removing particles from flowing air being something of a specialty for the manufacturer. Sure, there are plenty of differences between your lungs and, say, the 6.4L Hemi V8 that powers the Dodge Challenger SRT 392, not least of all in terms of intake volume, but filtration is filtration.

K&N's washable, reusable face masks are available in three choices of color: black, gray, and camouflage. That's more variety than you get with one of their car intake air filters, although we don't imagine the masks come with any of those cool "Stop! Do not discard: washable/reusable air filter" stickers. Too bad.


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