Kahn Design Announces Its Prettiest And Latest Vision That's A Blast From The Past

Feast your eyes on the Speed 7 Retro Racer.

Kahn Design has been extremely busy. The coachbuilder just revealed the latest detailson the Speed 7: Its latest creation is a vintage two-seaterinspired by the 1930s GP racecars. According to Kahn Design, it wants the Speed7 to be a “retro thoroughbred, perfect for the gentleman race.” That hints tothe idea of the Speed 7 being a track friend vehicle that’s not capable ofbeing driven on the road. This is Kahn Design’s third major project after the Flying Huntsman series and the upcoming WB12 Vengeance.

The thinkingbehind the Speed 7 is “to create a motor car which can be enjoyed on the trackwithout reservation, and would fit in perfectly at vintage one-make race days.”Not all of us have the garage space or the money for a vintage track dayvehicle, so don’t cross the Speed 7 off your wish list just yet. The Speed 7 isstill in the early stage of the production process with the coachbuilder invitingother British companies to take part in the project. We don’t know a lot aboutthe Speed 7, but we do know that two-seater will use aluminum and/or carbon compositesfor its structure.

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