Kahn Design's New Fiat 500e Kit Looks More Aggressive Than The Abarth Version

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Just look at those angry eyes.

The Fiat 500e is possibly the cutest EV you can buy, but Kahn Design wants to fix this problem with the new 500ec Designio, based on the 500e convertible. The good news is that these parts will also fit on the 500e with a fixed roof and possibly even on the upcoming Abarth 500e.

We think this is what the Abarth version should have looked like from the start, but perhaps the Italian company is keeping the more hardcore designs for the faster models. If you're interested, you'll still have to wait a while. The 500e is only scheduled to arrive stateside in 2024, while the Abarth's arrival is unconfirmed.

The most notable change is to the headlights. The LED eyelashes are gone, and in their place, we find redesigned headlights that give the car a furious frown. Almost as if the vehicle turned up at an EV charging station only to find it was out of commission.

Kahn Design
Kahn Design
Kahn Design

The rest of the body kit consists of a Gloss Onyx Black grille, a satin black front bumper valance, a ceramic grey hood, and extended side skirts. At the back, you'll find dark-tinted taillights and a masculine bumper incorporating a rather aggressive diffuser.

You must opt for the suspension lowering kit to get the complete look presented here. Kahn worked with H&R to develop a sportier suspension setup that lowers the ride height by an inch. Couple that with the already lower center of gravity, and you have a tiny car that should corner like it's on rails.

To make the most out of the lowered stance, you need the four-spoke lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels finished in Hyper Silver and made by Fondmetal in Italy.

Kahn Design
Kahn Design
Kahn Design

In keeping with the EV theme, Kahn offers a complete replacement vegan leather interior in various colors. This particular color pictured is Ocean Teal, but many options are available. Kahn doesn't say how many, but we're guessing you can probably choose any color within reason. Obviously, Kahn is not opposed to skinning a vegan or two to make an interior look good.

The final upgrade is the exposed carbon fiber steering wheel, which looks sublime on the old-school two-spoke steering wheel.

The various parts can be purchased separately, but if you want this specific look, you'll have to add everything to the online basket. The Designio body kit costs $12,000, while the wheels cost $2,400. Adding the lowering kit is another $1,000. As for the interior, the vegan leather costs $4,800, and the carbon fiber steering wheel is $2,900.

All in, you're looking at $23,100, roughly half the price of an all-new base 500e in the UK.

Kahn Design
Kahn Design

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