KAMM's Porsche 912c Is Subtle Restomod Perfection

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Simple. Tasteful. Perfect.

When it comes to classic Porsches, most will think of the 911, but another equally collectible sibling called the Porsche 912 has become a massively popular choice in the resto-modding scene. Produced between 1965 and 1969, these little German sports cars offered slightly better balance than your average 911 by virtue of their four-cylinder engines. This example by KAMM Manufaktur is even better than the original, thanks to some choice upgrades that make this one of the finest Porsche restomods we've seen.

We've covered some interesting 912 projects before, including an example featuring a Tesla powertrain, and we've always found that the best way to modify these gems is to keep them as period-correct as possible, and that's precisely what KAMM Manufaktur has managed to do with this stunning example.

KAMM Manufaktur KAMM Manufaktur

Based in Hungary, KAMM is a Porsche 912 specialist, and this example is, in our eyes, the perfect take on a retro-modded 1960s sports car. Called the KAMM 912c, this example has been restored and reinvigorated from the ground up, with new materials like carbon fiber and aluminum finding their way into the DNA of this car. The bodywork, while it looks original, is all carbon fiber.

The body has been thoroughly reinforced, features Lexan windows, and weighs a mere 1,654 pounds. The suspension system features custom coilovers, adjustable rear arms, adjustable front and rear sway bars, and adjustable front and rear dampers. Braking is taken care of by Brembo aluminum stoppers at the rear with 964-sourced items up front, housed within a set of center-lock three-piece wheels wrapped in Yokohama AD08RS tires.

KAMM Manufaktur KAMM Manufaktur

Under the engine cover sits a custom 912 2.0 liter, JPS Aircooled 616 engine, which features a fast road tune with 10.5:1 compression, KAMM carbon Carrera cooling, a Weber 44IDF carb, 123ignition, and a stainless steel exhaust system. This punchy little motor produces 170 horsepower and revs up to a redline at a screaming 7,200 rpm.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a dogleg 901/2 five-speed manual transmission, a ZF LSD differential, and a Porsche Aluminum hydraulic racing clutch. Inside there's a set of KAMM carbon fiber seats, air conditioning, lightweight carpeting, carbon fiber interior trim, and a Tilton pedal box.

KAMM Manufaktur KAMM Manufaktur KAMM Manufaktur

"The KAMM 912c has been years in the making, and I am proud to share my vision of the perfect 912 with the world," says Miklos Kazmer, founder of KAMM Manufaktur. "Budapest has a surprisingly well-developed car culture born out of a desire for individuality. During the socialistic era, drivers had to be creative, home-tuning whatever cars they could get hold of into race machines. This love of car culture, and a burning desire to make whatever was available as fast and as beautiful as possible, spawned a talented and dedicated Budapest car scene."

Kazmer believes that his company turns "original classic cars into fast, reliable, and perfected versions of themselves, all while keeping the analog driving experience intact."

Of course, a build like this does come at a price, though, and the KAMM912c will set you back a cool €325,000 - approximately $323,123 at current exchange rates. Customers can choose to buy a complete car or donate their own 912 to the cause.

KAMM Manufaktur KAMM Manufaktur

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