Karma To Reveal Sleek Concept Car Designed By Pininfarina

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It will be one of three new models Karma Automotive is showcasing at Auto Shanghai next month.

After teasing its new Vision Concept car last week, California-based luxury electric automaker Karma Automotive has released the first teaser image of its other new concept car created in partnership with Italian design house Pininfarina, which recently showed off its new 1,900-hp Battista electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

The partnership was announced back in January to "help accelerate future technology and product development", and we'll get to see the first result of the collaboration at Auto Shanghai next month where the concept will make its debut.


Details are scarce as we don't even have a name for the new concept at this point. The teaser previews the concept's sleek design, with a low front fascia featuring vertical slats, along with slim LED headlights and a sculpted hood. It isn't clear yet which body style the concept will adopt, but the car's low and wide stance suggests it could be a four-door coupe like the Revero. It's possible that Pininfarina could design future Karma production cars, but more details about the partnership will likely be revealed at Auto Shanghai.

"Karma is united in spirit with Pininfarina through our shared commitment to stunning design, and we are excited about the reaction we anticipate the end result of our partnership will generate," said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou.

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As well as the Pininfarina-designed concept, Karma will also unveil a separate concept called the Vision. A preview image released last week shows it will adopt a unique design that looks unlike any other Karma model, with wide rear arches, a low roof, and full-width taillights.

Karma won't just be focusing on concept cars at the event either, as the next-generation Revero electric sedan will also debut at Auto Shanghai before going on sale in the second half of this year through the automaker's growing list of 18 dealers and a Karma-owned store in the US, Canada and Chile.


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