Karmas Ignite After Hurricane Floods Newark Port

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Among the untold billions in damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, at least sixteen Fisker Karmas caught fire after being submerged in water.

The storm may be over, but it will take a long time before the full scope of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy can be fully assessed. You can bet, though, that cars will have taken a large share of the damage. Private vehicles have been flooded and washed away, Toyota is said to have lost over 4,000 vehicles at at the port, and a Ford dealership is said to have lost another 200 from its lot, but the story that's sticking involves a block of brand-new Fisker Karmas.

A couple dozen new Karmas were being stored at the Port of Newark when the hurricane hit, submerging the cars under water. That would be enough to ruin them right there, but when the waters receded, the Karmas apparently caught fire, destroying sixteen or more of the $100,000 EVs in the process. This is, of course, only the latest instance of Karmas catching fire. Fisker notes that these vehicles were not plugged in at the time, but is looking into the incident as best it can while the damage is being cleared from New York's ports. (Photos courtesy of Jalopnik.)

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