Kate Upton Promotes Formula E By Going For Hot Laps In A BMW i8

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Now will you watch Formula E?

You can tell Formula E is doing what it can to stir up some hype because for one reason or another, the same audience who enjoys watching-as James Hunt put it-"men who are willing to kill themselves driving in circles looking for normality," doesn't think as highly about zippy Formula 1-bodied battery packs that go fast around the race track. To stir the pot and get more viewers on board, the Formula E series has cast celebrities into a series of promo videos so that the public will take notice.

It previously threw Chris Hemsworth, the same actor who played James Hunt in Rush, onto the race track for some laps where the actor got into an accident, helping bolden the line between actors and stunt drivers. This time around, Formula E puts Kate Upton into the passenger's seat of a BMW i8.

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At the helm is Alejandro Agag, the man in charge of the Formula E championship and apparently a lover of fast cars. He pushes the BMW down the track at high speeds with Upton clearly just as happy about this electric car's ability as she would have been with a Corvette. What becomes apparent from the cabin are two things: that Upton likes speed and that the spritely 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine seems to have no trouble sounding more menacing than its size would have one believe.

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