Kawasaki Ninja Gets Absolutely Decimated By A Model S In This Street Race

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A spoiler alert isn't necessary when you already know the outcome.

The Tesla Model S is unafraid of any and all challengers when it comes to drag racing. That includes motorcycles. While sport bikes are great for smoking cars off the line they can't exactly keep up with the insane and instant acceleration of the Model S. YouTuber Breaking Moto learns that the hard way in this rolling street race. His 600cc Kawasaki Ninja gets utterly decimated not once but twice, even if the Tesla did jump the gun on the first race.

Both Breaking Moto and the Model S driver are good sports, though, with the two trading compliments afterwards. Looks like we can add a 600cc Kawasaki Ninja to Elon Musk's ever-growing collection of scalps.

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