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KBB Creates Awesome Oscars-Style Tribute To The Cars We Lost In 2015

Should some of these models have died sooner?

Every year, Kelley Blue Book pays homage to vehicles that have been discontinued. In honor of the Academy Awards, they created a sad tribute video to celebrate some recently "deceased" models. This year, several cars were cut from their respect automaker's lineups. Some are more recent creations, while others have been automotive icons for years. Like the Academy Awards, the video shows the original production year of these vehicles, with the sad truth that they "died" in 2015.

Some of these models did not sell well, while others are simply being renamed or replaced. The most interesting car on this list is the Mitsubishi Evo, the death of which will definitely cause some tears to be shed among Japanese car enthusiasts.

Tell us in the comments whether you think these cars should have been cancelled, or if you think that they should have lived on.

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