Keanu Reeves Is Making An F1 Movie

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It will be a four-part series about Brawn F1.

Liberty Media purchased F1 for $4.6 billion in January 2017. Going by the current stock price, the estimated market value is $27.1 billion. That enormous growth perfectly illustrates how popular F1 has become, especially in the USA.

Thanks to a sublime marketing campaign, which includes Drive To Survive, people are more invested in the sport than ever. High-profile manufacturers like Porsche and Audi are also returning to the sport, capitalizing on the vast marketing potential it will have in the coming years.

However, Drive To Survive and Netflix won't have a monopoly on F1 media. Liberty Media is opening the doors to other streaming services, including Disney + and Keanu Reeves.

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You know who Keanu Reeves is. Reeves is an actor, owner of a shop that builds custom bikes, Porsche 911 enthusiast, and the internet's boyfriend. It's heart-warming seeing Reeves on the grid, as we know he's a card-carrying member of the gearhead fraternity.

Reeves was spotted at the recent British Grand Prix, which is pretty standard. This week it emerged that Reeves is working on a new F1 documentary telling the fantastic story of the Brawn F1 team. Reeves is not just narrating but hosting the four-part series, conducting one-on-one interviews with everyone involved.

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We know some of you are new fans, and that's perfectly fine. Few things in life are as tiresome as lifelong F1 fans playing the so-called gatekeepers. Whether you've watched F1 for 50 years or five races shouldn't matter. Welcome to the club, friend. Rant over.

The newer fans might not know the Brawn story, so here's a summary of why you should care.

We all love an underdog story, and Brawn F1 is one of the best. Ross Brawn purchased the Honda Racing F1 Team after Honda bowed out due to financial constraints. Brawn started development on the 2009 car halfway through the 2008 season.

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Brawn blew everyone away at the season opener in Australia with a one-two debut. The team eventually won the constructor's and driver's championships that year. Brawn was so successful that it caught the eye of Daimler AG, which purchased the team. It would go on to be one of the most successful F1 teams of all time, taking eight consecutive constructor's titles. We're talking about the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, of course.

Reeves' project is the latest F1-related project fans will be able to enjoy in the future. Recently Apple also announced that it's teaming up with Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton to make a blockbuster.

Mercedes-AMG F1
Mercedes-AMG F1

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