Kelleners Sport Powers Up the BMW 1M Coupe

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Kelleners Sport has hooked up the BMW 1-Series M Coupe with 410hp. There are so many upgrades and tweaks it makes the 1M feel like a brand new trim from the factory.

The first full program has finally come out for the BMW 1M Coupe, and Kelleners Sport does not disappoint. The 1M at stock was already a quick and powerful car before the tuning, however the "KS-1S" takes it to a new level. The KS-1S boasts performance and aero upgrades which give the car an excellent combination of high-performance and light weight. Upgrades under the hood include a high-revving inline six-cylinder engine with twin-turbochargers.

The KS Power SW 35M engine gives the 1M a 20 percent boost in power, going up from 340hp to 410hp. Torque also jumps from 331 lb/ft to 405 lb/ft. Four 83mm tailpipes in a stainless steel system are streamlined for unrestricted air flow and distinguish the car from the standard with a significantly louder exhaust note. The adjustable coil-over suspension allows for easy and often setting changes for any kind of track. Kelleners Sport's extremely light one-piece 20-inch alloy wheels help keep the weight down and improve handling. The two styles are the 15 spoke 'Hamburg' wheels and double spoke 'Berlin' wheels.

The aerodynamic components of the KS-1S are meant to ensure maximum down-force at high speeds and minimize wind resistance. The MS front spoiler lip and the three-part MS grill composed of electro polished stainless steel. The BMW air curtains improve aerodynamics by channeling the air stream around the tires through a system of vents decreasing drag and friction. Kelleners left no detail unchecked for great efficiency. The interior is also given its share of treatment. Black and white Alcantara adorns everything including front and rear seats, the dashboard, the sports steering wheel, handbrake boots, gear lever and the door panels.

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Kelleners Sport logos are fitted to the head rests and give the car some sporty personality. The changes are so fluent that it almost feels like the 1M has received a new trim from the automaker. Pricing and timing availability for the tuning package hasn't been released yet.

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