Ken Block All-Wheel Drifts Irwindale

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Block finds out if an all-wheel-drive rally car can hang in the world of rear-wheel-drive drifters.

Ken Block has built up quite the reputation for stunt driving and his Gymkhana escapades need no introduction. The Hoon extraordinaire recently visited the Formula Drift stop in Irwindale in his Ford Fiesta HFHV for a couple rounds of drifting. But what makes Block's ride stand out among the field of rear-drive drift cars is its all-wheel-drive setup. Block explains that, "Unlike a RWD car, counter-steering actually pulls my AWD Fiesta out of a drift, making long, constant radius-drifts difficult."

"Once a RWD car is drifting, more throttle can be added to actually increase speed, where on an AWD car, I need to carry as much speed as possible into the initiation so I can carry the momentum through the turn, as I am essentially steering straight, any amount of grip would pull me off line and away from the bank." See what he means in the video below.

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