Ken Block And BJ Baldwin Rip Up An Abandoned Golf Course During A Race

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Who is better, the rally driver or the off-road racer?

On the surface, off-road racing and rally racing have plenty in common. Both take place on unpaved roads, both use cars that are either modified or built for racing and forgo expensive supercars, and both are as intense as racing can get. In practice, however, things are much different. That's why The Hoonigans, the same YouTube channel responsible for the Gymkhana videos, have gotten Ken Block and BJ Baldwin together for an unforgettable race.

Of the two, Baldwin is the one most experienced with off-road racing and all of the unexpected bumps that occur when competing where nature doesn't intend man to set foot.

On the other hand, Block is the rally mastermind capable of navigating his car around obstacles with millimetric precision, but is that enough to win? Previously Baldwin and Block competed using Maverick X3 off-road vehicles, a competition that Block lost. Like a regular off-road vehicle, the X3 has a function that allows drivers to select two-wheel or all-wheel drive. The first two races are done in two-wheel drive mode, much to the delight off Baldwin, who is used to these things. Afterwards, the all-wheel drive comes on, allowing Block to reside in his comfort zone.

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