Ken Block Builds Vanilla Ice-Inspired Ford Mustang For His Daughter

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But she wasn't very impressed.

Ken Block is famous for building some crazy custom Fords that star in his tire-smoking Hoonigan videos, from the 1,400-hp Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR that starred in Climbkhana to the insane 941-hp Ford F-150 Hoonitruck that debuted in Gymkhana 10. His latest creation is rather tame by comparison, but Ken Block won't be driving it. Instead, this modified Mustang was built for his daughter Lia as a surprise gift for her 14th birthday.

It started out as a grey 1990 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, but it didn't stay stock for very long. Not everyone was enamored with the Fox Body Mustang, but back in the 1990s Vanilla Ice loved it so much that he made a song about it.

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Starring in his hit song "Ice Ice Baby" the white Ford Mustang 5.0 convertible featured in the music video was iconic in the 1990s and also inspired Ken Block's latest creation. And in case you were wondering, Vanilla Ice's original Mustang 5.0 still lives on and was recently fully restored back to its former glory. "Before people really knew what drifting was, we would go around corners burning out and this thing was the best burnout machine on the planet," said Vanilla Ice when asked why he became so besotted with the Mustang Fox Body.

In addition to being repainted in white to match Vanilla Ice's car, the battered Mustang was extensively upgraded with new suspension, custom wheels, a new interior, a roll cage, a custom Borla Exhaust, and Cobra disc brakes, transforming it into a Fox Body drift machine. Under the hood, the car was left mostly stock apart from a few upgrades such as a nitrous kit.

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Ironically, after all the hard work that went into building the project over two weeks, Lia was not impressed with the car when Ken Block proudly presented it to her on her birthday, even though most of us would love to have a Fox Body in our garage. Ken Block hopes he can convince Lia to love it one day, but in the meantime, the car will be used to teach Lia how to drift with professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. as her teacher.

Not that this will be her first experience of drifting, as she's already shown she can drive a car sideways in Ken Block's Ford Escort MK2, which is not an easy car to handle at the limit. If Lia doesn't end up falling in love with the Fox Body, Ken Block plans to give it away to someone else who will hopefully appreciate it more than his daughter. Maybe she'll like the 2020 Ford Mustang instead. But at least it got the seal of approval from Vanilla Ice.

Ken Block / YouTube Ken Block / YouTube Ken Block / YouTube

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