Ken Block Drifts a Rusty Wagon

While on a trip to Hungary, the drift legend swaps his fancy Fiesta for another kind of Ford altogether.

There’s little question that Ken Block has some of the best car-control abilities of anyone anywhere. What he can do with a car has earned him millions of fans worldwide. But he’s used to driving specially-prepared cars made to his exact specifications. So how would he do in an old rust bucket? That’s what the guys at Totalcar magazine in Hungary set out to find out. So they pulled up next to the Gymkhana legend while he was in Budapest in their beat-up old 1991 Ford Sierra wagon and asked him to have a go.

The Sierra isn’t exactly the same as when it left the factory over 20 years ago, to say the least: the differential has been welded, the suspension has been upgraded with components from a Mercedes and it’s all rusted to hell. In many ways, Ken’s a long way from home and has the beard to prove it.

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