Ken Block Ensures Tire Factory Employees Have Job Security In Latest Hoonigan Video

A Ford rally car from the 1970s gets the Gymkhana treatment.

The way Ken Block kills tires you would think he gets chased by an evil knife-wielding Michelin man in his dreams every night and that he wants to slaughter them all before they get to him. Either that or the man has an expensive smoking habit and enjoys filling his lungs with Pirelli smoke rather than pricey Cuban cigars. Block’s hooning exploits ignite a sense of glee and debauchery in all who witness them while simultaneously causing people to turn to Google to ask just how the hell this guy got such an awesome job.

Try and peer through the tire smoke to glimpse Ken Block's 1978 Ford Escort MK2 pushing 333 horsepower. This also happens to be the first rear wheel drive car featured in a Gymkhana video. Go figure.

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