Ken Block Finally Gets Behind The Wheel Of The Ford GT

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There's no denying the Ford GT would be the perfect candidate for Gymkhana 10.

Our favorite Ford mascot Ken Block is better known for his modified rally cars than driving pristine and ultra-rare supercars. However, this is one of those far and few between times when Ford has a supercar currently in production, and as the brand's YouTube ambassador, he just has to get a shot behind the wheel while puling off his signature badass moves. However, there's one big problem with this video that becomes apparent during Block's introduction.

His inability to drift is due to three critical factors. The first is that he's in France, a nation that already hates anything with an internal combustion engine and would probably not take too well to Block pulling off one of his Gymkhana racing sessions. The second issue is that the video takes place before LeMans.

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As such, Ford can't afford a driver divulging too much information about the car in question, even if it is only a road going version and despite the fact that Block is one of the Blue Oval's most trusted drivers (then again Ford didn't tell anyone that the GT was even in development until the reveal). The third factor is that this is a preproduction GT, so it's plausible that the engineers felt the car wasn't exactly at the level it needed to be to have a driver who is notorious for his tire smoking antics drive it like it's stolen. It's a shame there isn't as much drama because as much as we love Ken Block, his videos are better viewed from outside the cabin of a car that comes with no strings attached.

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