Ken Block Guided by Lasers in Blacked-Out Gymkhana

Taking on the darkness in 15 days.

Don't get us wrong. We love Gymkahana as much as the next gearhead. But how many ways can Ken Block recreate his awesome stunt video? The rally champ has taken his party to warehouses and public streets, and has seemingly run out of places to explore. So this time he's decided to bust some donuts in the dark. “How are we gonna see him?” we hear you cry. With frickin' lasers, that's how.

The new video will also feature Lamborghini driver Adrian Zaugg, BMW touring car veteran Augusto Farfus, and Audi's Le Mans champion Mike Rockenfeller. Here is a sample of what we will see.

From the promotional clips, it appears the blacked-out track has been created out of laser beams and lights. We can't wait to see how it all pans out, with the Blackout video set to be revealed on May 27.

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